What is
BE A ☆ STAR!! Z?

Let’s read the manga first!

To Put it Seriously,
BE A ☆ STAR!! Z Is…

BE A ☆ STAR!! is a Festival of Misc. Noise Collection
that brings you the music of everyday life
ranging from sounds that mean a lot to someone
to things that can’t even be defined as “sound” up on the stage.
We shed serious light on this chaos of sound.
The first festival took place at an art center.
The second was held in a concert hall.
The third was held in an alternative space.
And this time anyone can join in the BE A ☆ STAR!! show online
from anywhere!
You can work with your family, with your classmates at school,
at your workplace with your colleagues,
or with anybody you like to find your very own sound of music!
You never know, you may be able to see the people you’re always with
and the things that are always around you in a brand new light.

Join in and

maybe you’ll start seeing everyone around you as stars, too…?

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